Video #2: How To Be A Bestselling Author

Just 3 days ago, I sent you a video that outlines the 5 steps anyone can take to become published and profitable with the single greatest branding and positioning tool ever.

Now…this next video highlights a massive breakthrough and secret to getting your book to sell and become a bestseller – even if you don’t have a book.

Here it is in a nutshell: Amazon now lets you publish a book before it is written.

How to become unforgettable

This video explains it all. (It’s a total game changer)
All you have to do is upload a cover, a description and Amazon lists it for pre-order sale. That means can test out your ideas before you’ve written anything. Amazon takes orders, collects money and starts charting your sales. And you can become a bestseller in less than a week.

And you don’t even have to be done with your book!

How cool is that?

Do you think you would get a book done if it was ALREADY a bestseller?

And If it doesn’t pick up steam and get orders, you can remove the book and try a different idea.

You can literally test out several book ideas at once and only finish the real winners!

There are a few important “catches” so don’t do anything until you, check it out this video for yourself.

PS – One of Mike Koenigs’s customers, dog training guru Andy Falco, used our process, pre-published his next book, “Dog Training for Fun and Profit”, posted it in our private, members – only community, hit #1 in a day and got a speaking engagement for 800 people at Caesar’s Palace! You’ll hear that story in this video.

PPS – You’ll want to watch this because they’re giving away free professional book covers to the first 25 people and then to another 25 people chosen at random – and you could be one of them.

PPPS – Who would you rather do business with, a coach, consultant, doctor, nutritionist, financial planner, fitness expert, therapist, mechanic who hands you a business card that says “I am a Self Proclaimed Expert – Hire me!” on it
A professional who’s a #1 bestselling author and hands you a book about the problem you want to fix – and autographs it for you?

This video shows you how to be the obvious expert who people come to for autographs.