Key Steps Of Website Redesign Process

Tell me, when was the last time you redesigned your website? Since we’re in 2017, it’s time for an upgrade. Let me give you some hints, tips, and ideas to make it so much easier.

I’m talking about one of my favorite topics, and that’s website redesign. You see, it’s not as difficult as you think and when it comes down to it, I guess there are a couple of different things, that you need to take into consideration.

redesigning website

How long since you’ve upgraded or giving yourself a bit of a makeover online? I recommend every two to three years that you look at. I’m not talking about a complete rebranding, but just to freshen up, changing the appearance or brightening things up a little.

Can you do the website redesign process by yourself or do you need to get someone else?

I have a list of 3 different things that I learned from this corporate website redesign study and you can go through this list and either then do it yourself or take them to somebody else to get the quickest results possible.

key points when redesigning corporate website

The first thing that you must consider with a website redesign is you’ve always got to put the user experience above and beyond everything. It’s all about the consumer coming in, going through the pages and hopefully to that, thank you or purchase page or wherever it is on end. Whatever you do, think of them first. I’m saying this because there’s someone who runs a company. I’ve personally been involved with the consulting and involved with training to build thousands of websites over the last 15 years.

One of the common problems I see particularly with business owners is that they want to force their will without the knowledge.

The main thing that I want to know is if it’s easier for your customers. When I’m working with someone, I’ll be dead straight and honest with them and will always listen to their ideas and put them into consideration. But, then I will balance those carefully with that I understand how consumers think.

One of my favorite mentors said very simply: “If you want someone to do something, you need to make it easier to do that it is easier not to do.”

Focus on MENU links

Once you’ve got that tightly focused in your mind, I want you to look at your menu links. I’m talking about those across the top, and maybe you’ve got another menu up there. Forget about the footer menu, because no one ever bothers going down there to have a look. You have to look at your menu links. The whole point of them is to take people to the main pages and get them there as quickly as possible. You need to find an easy way to get people to the pages, that they are looking for and those menu links, which are going to appear on every single page, are the best possible way to do it. That’s where you start.

You have to ask yourself what are your primary pages, what is your main product or service, that people are going to be looking for. Most importantly, repeat visitors because if they come back, you want them right what they’re looking for straight away.

These were the goals you need to keep an eye on while redesigning your website.